Vario RF

Fully-automatic KEG cleaning and filling system

mb-vario-rf-5r-keg-aussenansichtThe fully-automatic VARIO RF cleaning and filling machine works with a sleeve mechanism and is designed for a capacity to 1,000 kph. Separation of the cleaning and filling processes ensures high levels of reliability and efficiency in filling because defective KEGs are removed before the fill process. The use of leading edge components means the VARIO RF guarantees maximum levels of product reliability and efficient utilisation of cleaning agents. Good accessibility and low maintenance overhead in particular are standout features of this model, and indeed of our other machines.

Capacity range up to 1.000 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • Separated Process system

  • KEG rejection after every machine

  • Available as a pre-cleaning system

  • Maximum product safety

  • Low maintenance effort

Further details

The machine consists of a stainless steel (1.4301) frame with brushed surface positioned on four levelling feet. The treatment heads combining compact design with large flow cross sections for high liquid rates. Stainless steel pneumatic valves with position indicators ensure safe operation and the early detection of any leaks. This machine concept combines a high capacity range with a small space requirement.

Efficient and hygenic
The particular advantage of this machine concept is the separation of the cleaning and filling units. By this concept KEGs can be rejected after the pre- and main-cleaning steps and not only after the filling station like on lane systems. Only complete cleaned KEGs reach the filling unit which has a maximum efficiency as a result.

Pictures of VARIO RF

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