Semi-automatic KEG cleaner and filler

mb-twin-ii-1r-f-keg-aussenansichtThe TWIN II 1R-F is a low-cost, semi-automatic, compact machine for cleaning and filling KEGs. The system has an integrated detergent container for alkaline or acid agents. For ergonomic handling of filled KEGs, the machine is fitted with rollers at the fill station as well as a KEG slide. Our full signal via temperature is integrated, but the machine can of course also be fitted with an inductive flowmeter. For greatest possible levels of flexibility, the machine is fitted with an adjustable stopper, and can be converted within just a few minutes to other fitting types with interchangeable format parts.

Capacity range up to 30 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • Safe 2-hand operation 

  • Operation by touchpanel

  • Good accessibility of all components

  •  User-friendly design

  • Pre-piped for immediate operation

Further details

The machine consists of a stainless steel (1.4301) frame with brushed surface positioned on four levelling feet. The treatment heads are the same as those used on our large automatic machines, combining compact design with large flow cross sections for high liquid flow rates. Stainless steel pneumatic valves with position indicators ensure safe operation and the early detection of any leaks. The seal and gasket materials used in the machine have been selected to allow the use of alkaline and acid cleaning agents.


To make work easier for the operator, the full keg is lowered on rollers after filling and can be pushed easily from the filling station to a waiting position. While the next keg is being filled, the keg can be turned and lowered onto the pallet via a keg slide, which is equipped with a plastic guide strip to prevent the keg from scratches. The machine is operated using a control panel and push buttons. The program is started safely by two-hand operation.

  • Electronic probe monitoring and liquid control

  • KEG opening monitoring functions on all stations

  • Temperature monitoring in the tank

  • Filling station temperature monitoring function

  • Dry run protection for the pump

  • Stainless steel seat valves

  • Sampling valve in the feed pipe

  • Sight glas for level check in the tank

  • Touchpanel

  • Stainless steel cabinet for pneumatic and electric

Optional equipment: electrical tank heating, volumetric flowmeter, disposable KEG filling

Technical specifications

Capacity: approx 30 kph
Weight: approx 650 kg without tank filling
Tank capacity: 230 l total
Pump: 1,1 kW 3 bar, IP54
PLC: Siemens S7
Pneumatic: Festo, SMC

Connection media
Steam or Sanitizing solution
Hot water
Cold water
Control air
Sterile air

Pictures of TWIN II 1R-F

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