TWIN 2000

Semi-automatic KEG cleaner

mb-twin-2000-keg-aussenansichtThe TWIN 2000 KEG cleaning machine is a semi-automatic, compact machine with cleaning head and integrated detergent container for alkaline or acid agents. This machine features ease-of-use for the operator and high levels of flexibility with an adjustable stopper and interchangeable format parts. For simple and reliable filling, we recommend one or more manual filling heads with which up to 20 KEGs/hour per unit can be filled. A semi-automatic filling machine based on the TWIN 2000 is also available as an alternative.

Capacity range up to 30 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • User-friendly design

  • Operation by touchpanel

  • Electrical heating element

  • Safe 2-hand operation

  • Pre-piped for immediate operation

Further details

The machine is made of a stainless steel frame (1.4301) with a finished surface and stands on four levelling machine feet. The treatment heads are the same as those used on our large automatic machines, combining compact design with large flow cross sections for high liquid flow rates. Stainless steel pneumatic valves with position indicators ensure safe operation and the early detection of any leaks. The seal and gasket materials used in the machine have been selected to allow the use of alkaline and acid cleaning agents.


By the compact and open design as well as the low KEG table the TWIN 2000 provides a particular user-friendly construction. For a fast and easy positioning of the KEGs above the process head the machine has an adjustable centering stopper which can be adjusted for different diameters in a short moment,

The integrated touchpanel allows the operator at any time an overview of the running processes as well as different setting adjustements. Fault messages are displayed in clear text.

Further details
  • Electronic probe monitoring and liquid control

  • KEG opening monitoring functions on all stations

  • Temperature monitoring in the tank

  • Electrical heating element in the tank

  • Dry run protection for the pump

  • Stainless steel seat valves

  • Sampling valve in the feed pipe

  • Sight glas for level check in the tank

  • Touchpanel

  • Stainless steel cabinet for pneumatic and electric

Capacity: up to 30 kph
Weight: approx 300 kg without tank filling
Tank capacity: 150 l total
Pump: 1,1 kW 3 bar, IP54
PLC: Siemens S7
Pneumatic: Festo, SMC

Connection media
Control air
Sterile air
Saturated steam
Hot water
Cold water

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