The perfect solution for small-scale and pub breweries


The MONOCLEAN semi-automatic KEG cleaner is the perfect solution for small-scale and pub breweries with a low KEG requirement. Adapted programs for different KEG sizes mean the machine cleans reliably and above all cost-effectively. The integrated detergent container is suitable for the use of alkaline and acid agents, and has electrical heating. For simple and reliable filling, we recommend in addition our tap head filler with which up to 20 KEGs/hour can be filled.

Capacity range up to 15 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • User friendly construction

  • Size optimized cleaning program

  • Electrical heating element

  • Pneumatic with manual start-up valve

  • Pre-piped for immediate operation

Further details

The semi-automatic machine is made of a stainless steel frame (1.4301) with a finished surface and stands on four levelling machine feet. The connection to the keg will be established by a dispensing head which can be attached by the operator before he put up the barrel and starts the automatic cleaning program. Pneumatic seat valves made of stainless steel with position indication guarantees a safe operation as well as an early recognition of leakages. The material of the sealing’s within the machine enables to use both detergents alkaline and acidic.


In order to ensure an optimal cleaning result by using different keg sizes we provide you with two programs which take account of the varied demands of the cleaning process. Beside the empty message by an electronic level probe the pressure of all media will be checked prior to every process in order to ensure a perfect cleaning.

Fault messages will be shown user-friendly and clear on the included text display.


  • Electronic probe monitoring and fluid level check

  • Pressure check in the inflow

  • Temperature monitoring in the tank

  • Electrical heating element in the tank

  • Dry run protection for the pump

  • Stainless steel seat valves

  • Sampling valve in the feed pipe

  • Sight glas for level check in the tank

  • Text display

  • Stainless steel cabinet for pneumatic and electric

Optional equipment: Valves for steam and CO2 with pressure transducer in order to built-up pressure.

Technical specifications

Capacity: up to 15 kph
Weight: approx 200 kg without tank filling
Tank capacity: 170 l total
Pump: 0,65 kW 3 bar, IP54
Heating element: 12 kW
PLC: Siemens LOGO! with text display
Pneumatic: Festo

Connection media
Control air
Sterile air
Saturated steam
Hot water
Cold water

Pictures of MONOCLEAN

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