Fully-automatic KEG cleaner and filler


The fully-automatic KEG-SET-NG cleaning and filling machine addresses the capacity range to 50 KEGs/hour. With variants fitted with three or four stations, this system provides reliable cleaning, sterilisation and filling of KEGs. Cleaning is with one or two detergents within one cycle, depending on variant, and the system is able to adapt flexibly to customer requirements. It is possible at a later time to cost-effectively increase the capacity to 60 KEGs/hour with an additional cleaning module.

Capacity range up to 60 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • Inductive flowmeter for filling level control

  • Good accessibility of all components

  • Variable equipment for different KEG sizes

  • Low maintenance effort

  • Feeding pipes with integrated manual valves

  • Optional disposable KEG-filling

Further details

The machine consists of a stainless steel (1.4301) frame with brushed surface positioned on four levelling feet. The treatment heads combining compact design with large flow cross sections for high liquid rates. Stainless steel pneumatic valves with position indicators ensure safe operation and the early detection of any leaks. The high flow cleaning system for counter flow rinsing is also a component included in the basic equipment, as well as an inductive flowmeter that controls the filling level. Due to the use of exclusively high quality components and materials the maintenance required, is reduced to a minimum.

Flexibility and Upgrading

The goal of developing the KEG-SET-NG was to gain a maximum of flexibility and adaptability which is nowadays a basic requirement in the beverage industry. Through the use of different supports all types of available kegs can be processed. Actually the modification required for various types of fittings takes only a few minutes. To get started into the fully-automatic cleaning and filling, the KEG-SET-NG offers the additional advantage of an upgrade afterwards, through an upgrading module. Therefore the capacity of the machine can be raised cost efficiently without a machine change.


  • Process display

  • Electronic probe monitoring and liquid control

  • KEG opening monitoring functions on all stations

  • Temperature monitoring on the filling station

  • Control air monitoring function

  • Stainless steel electrical and pneumatic cabinet

  • Automatic program selection function for:

    • KEG cleaning and filling

    • KEG cleaning

    • Beer pre- and post-run

    • Emptying of filling head

    • Steaming of filling head

    • CIP cleaning from customer‘s CIP system or as agreed

    Optional Equipment: Condensate monitoring before the filling, aseptic filling head, upgrading module for capacity increase

    Technical specifications

    Capacity: up to 50 kph (50 liter)
    PLC: Siemens S7
    Pneumatic: Festo/SMC

    Connection media
    Hot water
    Cold water/mixed water
    Acid (optional)
    Control air
    Sterile air

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