Semi-automatic multifunctional cleaning machine for different container types

Die multifunktionale Reinigungsmaschine Combiclean für verschiedene Gebinde

The general-purpose COMBICLEAN cleaning machine comprises an enclosed cleaning chamber with two integrated tanks for detergents and mixed water. Product-specific input carriers mean perfect cleaning of bottles (including full label removal), beverage crates, KEGs, barrels and more. For simple and reliable filling of KEGs, we recommend in addition our manual filling head with which up to 20 KEGs/hour can be filled.

Capacity range up to 15 kph

Capacity (kph)


  • Maximum variability

  • Label removal for bottles

  • Product specific input carriers

  • Filling socket for caustic dosage

  • Feeding pipes with integrated manual valves

Further details

The COMBICLEAN is a multifunctional cleaning machine for various containers. To ensure an optimal cleaning quality of the different formats the machine is equipped with a container specific input carrier. The operator takes it out while the door is open, puts the parts to be cleaned in, pushes it back into the machine and closes the door. After a click on a button the cleaning program starts. The machine is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and stands on four leveling machine feets. Two tanks for caustic and mixed water with removable filter drawers are integrated. The control of the cleaning program is fully automated by an integrated PLC with touchpanel.


The machine scores with its simple and yet clever construction. It is designed to enable a flexible and cost-efficent adjustment to the immediate needs of the brewery. A simple exchange of the input carrier, which can be done within a few minutes, enables the conversion between different container types and makes the cleaning of special
containers or bottle crates in small quantities economically. For big breweries with many different bottle formats this machine is especially well suited for the cleaning of the parts from the labeling machines which get in contact with glue. With the COMBICLEAN you get optimal cleaning results with minimal operating fluid consumption through a systematic use of this fluids.


  • Automatic step indication

  • Control air monitoring

  • Dry run protection for both pumps

  • Temperature control for caustic

  • Caustic tank

  • Mixed water tank

  • Electrical heating element for caustic tank

  • Filter drawers for both tanks

  • Level monitoring for both tanks

  • Dosage socket

  • Stainless steel cabinet for pneumatic and electrical equipment

  • PLC with touchpanel

Optional equipment: Input carriers for bottles, crates, kegs, labeler accessories, etc.

Technical specifications

Capacity: approx. 15 kph, 160 bph (0,5l), 100 bph (1,0l), 50 bph (Siphon)
Wight: 780 kg without tank filling
Tank volume caustic: 140 l total
Tank volume MW: 140 l total
Pumps: 0,65 kW 3 bar, IP54
Heating element: 12 kW
PLC: Siemens S7 with touchpanel
Pneumatic: Festo / SMC

Connection media
Steam or sanitizing solution
Hot water
Cold water
Control air
Sterile air

Pictures of COMBICLEAN

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