External cleaners

Our external cleaners for KEGs are based upon a modular design and are made in line with your requirements as regards configuration and capacity. We have the right systems ready for you in every capacity class, regardless of whether you are looking to remove labels, ink labelling or stubborn dirt. Configuration of your machines is individual with different cleaning zones, high-pressure units, brush stations, automatic or manual dirt removal and much more. We would also be happy to realise custom solutions for you, such as surface sealing of PU KEGs. Working in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner with resources is a focus for us at all times.

Effective solutions for special requirements

As on all our machines, a sturdy high-quality steel frame on which the units are positioned is used for external cleaners. The hood structure is fully sealed and has windows made of safety glass and inspection doors for good accessibility. Automatic doors and connecting pieces for an existing or integratable vapour extraction unit reduce escaping vapours. All the materials and components of our external cleaners are selected with utmost care by ourselves, and have proven themselves as regards functionality, durability and service life.


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