Can Filler CAN-DO

The CAN-DO can filler is according its name a doer machine. From the beginning the goal of the development was building a tool for craft-women and craft-men that is doing its job with just one person at the machine.
But the most important point was the high quality filling process. The result is a comfortable, rugged, highly automated and reliable solution with volumetric counter pressure filling – the CAN-DO.

No compromises

“Big“ technology with a small footprint and a fair price is the slogan of the CAN-DO. Focus is the overall quality and first and foremost the filling process. To reduce the oxygen pickup to a minimum the can is pre-rinsed with CO2 and flushed again just before the pressurizing process. The head space sniffing after the filling is electronically adjustable to get a controlled and reliable foaming of applicable products. The filling level is controlled by an inductive flowmeter on each station for a reliable repeatable process.

  • Block Design – Filler – Lid dropper – Seamer in one frame
  • Modular expandable 2|4|6 Stations
  • Volumetric controlled counter pressure filling
  • 1 Operator–design with swiveling operation panel
  • Simple format change for all commercially available can sizes
  • Stainless steel piped product way
  • Integrated roof from machine inlet to the lid dropper
  • Self developed servo driven seamer
  • All product and gas ways integrated in the CIP process
  • Filling area cleaning foam resistant
  • Integrated drip plate with drainage connection below the processing area
  • Integrated tiltable step for easier access to the lid magazine
  • CE-conform design with monitored safety glass doors
  • Fits in a 10‘ Container