Rinser and filler

For small output quantities our semi-automatic machines for rinsing and filling provides you a reliable and process safe result. It doesn’t matter if you want to process 0.33 l or 3l bottles, our systems are flexible in their design. For the filling units we can provide you a lot of options and selections like: Short or long filling pipes, optional pre-evacuation, optional volumetric filling.


The general-purpose COMBICLEAN cleaning machine comprises an enclosed cleaning chamber with two integrated tanks for detergents and mixed water. Product-specific input carriers mean perfect cleaning of bottles (including full label removal), beverage crates, KEGs, barrels and more. For simple and reliable filling of KEGs, we recommend in addition our tap head filler with which up to 20 KEGs/hour can be filled.


The FDF filling machine is suitable for the semi-automatic filling of party cans and various bottle types. Different container types can be filled reliably by simply exchanging the filler components. Fitted with a hygienic filling head, this system is readied for automatic CIP (cleaning in place) of all channels. This head also reliably separates product and CO2 channels. The filler is available with one or more stations.