As individual as your product

High quality products, customers won over in the long term and smooth production cycles: We have been addressing these expectations for over 45 years with our innovative machines, custom solutions and a quality pledge to our customers. As an owner-run company, the quality of our machines and in particular your individual needs are at the heart of everything we do. Whether you fill 10 or 10,000 KEGs a day, our expertise in perfect cleaning and hygienic filling with lowest oxygen uptake of KEGs, selective consultation service and flexible modular-based system mean we provide you with the right technology.

“We will be pleased to assist in any maintenance, adaptation, expansion or modernisation work you may have planned. Our high levels of service orientation mean you are able to rely on our qualified experts, even many years after your investment.”

Prior to being delivered out, our systems are assembled and tested, either in their entirety or as viable assemblies. In the process, the leak tightness and function of all channels used to transport liquid are tested with water before machines are prepared for shipment. Our reliable freight forwarding partner is used to deliver machines ex works, but transportation can be organised by customers themselves if required.

If you have personnel or a partner available in situ, the documentation supplied is adequate for smaller projects, as is one of our in-house supervisors for installation in larger-scale projects. Subsequent start-up is then carried out by our experienced workers, who provide direct training for your personnel and issue confirmation of capacity on final handover. If you prefer an all-inclusive package, we will naturally be glad to offer all services as a turnkey project.


The machine portfolio for KEGs includes semi-automatic rinsing equipment to fully-automatic line solutions to automatic lines containing of pre- and main rinser as well as a filling machine. We also provide you KEG external cleaner and a wide range of accessories. In all our products we focus a economical and environmental friendly usage of ressources.


Our machine portfolio for bottles includes semi-automatic solutions for rinsing and filling of small quantities. It doesn’t matter if you want to fill 0.33 l or 3 l bottles, we have the right solution for you.


Around the KEG we provide you the complete range of handling equipment like conveyors, turner, capper or palletizing solutions. We support you also with process automation and conveying solutions for other container types.

Process technology

A packaging line doesn’t end for us at the pipe connection point. We manufacture or supply in cooperation with our partners also process safe plants like CIP-systems, flash pasteurizer and carbonator.